1. Lumière d'Argent

    Discover the enchanting world of Lumière d'Argent Vintage, a collection that showcases Christofle's mastery of silver craftsmanship from 1987 to 1994. Each piece, from intricately detailed animal figurines like the Vintage Silvered Tit and Serpent to the playful Silvered Sitting Cat, is adorned with onyx eyes and crafted using a unique cast metal and plate detail technique. This collection is a testament to the innovative spirit of Christofle, blending traditional silverware art with the whimsical charm of nature-inspired designs.

  2. Fjerdingstad

    Embrace the elegance of the Art Deco era with Christofle’s Fjerdingstad Vintage collection. Featuring the beautiful Silvered Swan Gravy Boat, originally designed in 1925 by the renowned Danish silversmith, Christian Fjerdingstad, this collection epitomizes the innovative spirit of early 20th-century design. Each piece, a testament to Christofle's commitment to artisanship and luxury, has been carefully restored to its original glory, allowing you to own a piece of history.

  3. Ormesson

  4. Uni

    The UNI Vintage collection from Christofle redefines timeless elegance with pieces that blend historical charm with contemporary design. Featuring items like the Vintage Silvered Vegetable Plate and the Silvered Oval Plates, each piece is meticulously restored to honor its original craftsmanship while fitting perfectly into modern decor. This collection is ideal for those who appreciate the luxury of simplicity and the heritage of Christofle's craftsmanship.

  5. Gallia

    The Gallia Vintage collection from Christofle offers a dive into the rich artistic heritage of the early 20th century. Each piece, including items like the Vintage Silvered Biarritz Ice Bucket and the Wheat Ear Trinket Bowl, is restored to its original splendor, embodying the essence of Art Nouveau and Art Deco periods with a focus on naturalistic and geometric designs.