1. Babylone - New

    Babylone is a collection designed by designer Mademoiselle Aurélie Bidermann, composed of Dining and Home Decoration and complemented with Jewelry. She embodies the Parisian woman and represents the essence of a certain Parisian way of life, made of generosity and sensuality.

  2. Tourbillon - New

    World-renowned for its crystal ware, Christofle brings a new material to the Art of the Table with Tourbillon: pieces in blown glass, fruits of the collaboration with Alya Tannous. This collaboration has resulted in 4 new glasses: a champagne flute, a red wine glass, a white wine glass, a water glass.

  3. Malmaison & Malmaison Imperiale

    Malmaison is named after the castle which was the favorite holiday resort of the Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte and the Empress Josephine. Chic and timeless, its ornaments, openwork leaves and symmetry of the decorations, give a statutory imprint to the table and to all the moments that live there.

    With Malmaison Impériale, Christofle takes the emblematic codes of the Malmaison design and interprets them in a modern and feminine version . You will find the flower of the handle hoods of Malmaison pieces. Each piece has its own decoration and thus allows you to vary your table according to the moments of tasting. Christofle is offering 6 pieces in two versions, one platinium and one gold.

  4. Albi

    As an ode to French elegance, Albi is a classic design inspired by the nave of the famous Cathedral in Albi, France.

  5. Vertigo

    Vertigo, designed by Andrée Putman in 2000, and is characterized by asymmetrical rings.

  6. Gallia

    Gallia was born with the 20th century, at the time of the 1900 world’s fair held in Paris to celebrate the achievements of the past century and to accelerate development into the next.​ The collection takes its name from a combination of metals that marked its era. Gallia, whose hallmark and symbol is the rooster, honours France and French innovation. In 2022, Christofle launches the reedition of 16 iconic pieces​ highlighting elements of faune and flora.

  7. Fjeringstad

  8. MOOD By Christofle

    MOOD By Christofle is a silver-plated service for six. Which brings moments to remember.

  9. Jardin d'Eden

     Jardin d´Eden was created in 2010 by Marcel Wanders. Jardin d’Eden is french for ʺGarden of Edenʺ.

  10. Uni

    Uni is a modern collection of the Maison and most of Uni can be personalized with engravings.

  11. Madison 6

    Madison 6, brilliantly exhibits an iconic geometric motif of the Maison.

  12. Silver Time

    Silve Time, dsigned by Jean-Marie Massaud is chic and relaxing, perfect for brunch.