Wedding Gifts for the couple

Whether you are a family member or a close friend, choosing the perfect wedding gift for the newlyweds can be daunting. Gifting cutlery, tableware, trays, candelabras or elegant photo frames, are all thoughtful options. Here  you will find our suggestions for the most elegant wedding gifts the newlyweds are sure to treasure throughout their marriage

Christofle silver metal tablewareChristofle silver metal tableware

 Flatware Sets

Christofle offers many collections where you are sure to find something to suit any style: 


MOOD By Christofle is easy to use and has a sleek aesthetic, making it the perfect gift for casual dining.


There are many different versions of the iconic MOOD such as the MOOD Precious and its rose gold case, the MOOD Asia dedicated to Asian gastronomy, the MOOD Coffee for quiet moments at home and the MOOD Easy which is ideal for desserts.


For a more traditional gift, choose the from the timeless collections of either Malmaison, Marly or Perles.


Or, go the more modern route and consider the Infini or L'Âme collections to those that favor a more contemporary design.

Collection Infini ChristofleCollection Infini Christofle

The Trays  

An emblematic gift, the Christofle silver tray is the refined accompaniment to a lifetime of hosting, guaranteed to surprise the newleyweds.


The Anemone-Belle Epoque tray, a modern reinterpretation of the Art nouveau movement, will delight the new couple and those they entertain.


Or, gift the Vertigo tray, adding practicality and style with it’s more current design. Either way, trays make a wonderful gift.

Vertigo Tray - 20 x 16 cmVertigo Tray - 20 x 16 cm

Champagne Buckets 

Weddings are all about celebration and what better way to celebrate then with the Graphik champagne bucket. With it’s graphic design, its the perfect choice for those that prefer a sleek look, all while cooling a bottle of bubbly just waiting to be enjoyed!


For couples who prefer things more traditional, the Malmaison champagne bucket is resolutely chic. Its ornamental design gives an iconic look, which will shine on any table.


Your contemporary couple may prefer the clean design of the Vertigo champagne bucket . A classic yet modern look that is sure to sparkle for years to come.


 Floral fans will love the Anemone-Belle Epoque champagne bucket,  an enchanting piece perfect for any celebration.

Anèmone-Belle Epoque Silver-Plated Champagne BucketAnèmone-Belle Epoque Silver-Plated Champagne Bucket

Decoration and Accessories  

To enhance their decor, the couple will be delighted to receive a tablecloth embroidered entirely by hand. The Sarah Espeute Tablecloth for Christofle is available in two sizes.


Refined decorative objects like the Malmaison candelabras will illuminate a beautifly set table.


For a more contemporary look, the Vertigo candelabra will bring style and modernity to any room.


Finally, the Perles, Jardin d'Eden or Fidelio photo frames are ideal pieces to highlight these special ife moments making them last forever.

Vertigo Silver-Plated Salt & Pepper Shaker SetVertigo Silver-Plated Salt & Pepper Shaker Set


Christofle Table Decorations

Wedding Gifts for Her

Your friend, sister or cousin has decided to make a life-long commitment and you would like to give her a personal gift.
Christofle Barware

Wedding Gifts for Him

Your brother, friend or cousin has decided to make a lifelong commitment and you would like to give him a personal gift?
Christofle Tableware

Wedding Gifts for Guest

It is a day to remember, and you want to thank your guests by giving them something to remind them of this moment.
Christofle Flatware sets


The wedding dinner, marked with key moments, becomes even more special when the table is set with Christofle.