1. Idole de Christofle

    Christofle’s Idole collection is recognizable by its “twisted” ring signature created by Putman in 2005. The ring motif can be found on a range of jewelry for everyday wear. It is a little taste of ​​Parisian chic.

  2. C de Christofle

    C de Christofle elegantly balances the letter ʺCʺ of the House with full and sensual curves of gold and silver jewelry.

  3. Rivage

    Rivage was designed by the French jewelry designer Delphine Nardin in 2011. The collection is designed with interlacing and winding movements evoking rivers and seashores. All pieces are fashioned from sterling silver. It includes rings, earrings, necklace and a bracelet. The pieces are rigid but visually rhythmic and flowy.

  4. Code Royale

    Code Royale is Christofle’s iconic jewelry collection. The name is a direct reference to rue Royale where the Maison's historic boutique has been since the 19th century. Built around the hexagonal motif, it also pays homage to the hallmark of founder, Charles Christofle.

  5. Duo Complice

    The collection plays up braided leather and sterling silver bracelet. The suppleness of the leather strap exhibits a skillfull contrast with the silver closure. Each year new colors are created for a playful mix & match of endless combinations. Dup Complice pairs well with anything no matter the outfit or occassion

  6. Graphik

    Created in 2015, Graphik’s design entails racy, powerful and modern lines etched onto glass and sterling silver pieces. The collection is created with vigorous lines, ans is now available in jewelries for men.

  7. Madison Style

    Madison Style is a women’s jewelty line inspired by the spirit of the feminist movement and freedom that reigned in 1920s America.

  8. Palmaceae

    Named after the Palmaceae Tree, this collection was designed by the famous multi-media artist, Michele Oka Doner. Palmaceae mimicks the detailed leaves of the tree which was a favorite of the artist.

  9. Pliage

    Like a jewelry origami, the lines fold and overlap thick swaths of silver creating a sensual visual. The silver bands are skillfully interwoven to show the relief of their folds and create virtuoso patterns for rings, bracelets and pendants.

  10. Madison 6

    The Madison 6 collection brilliantly exhibits the hexagon insignia, an iconic geometric motif of the Maison since its founding. The collection has a chameleon like quality with an ability to come in several materials including crystal, porcelain, and silver jewelry. 

  11. Royal Jack