Mar 23, 2020

Give your cherished items a personalized touch with Christofle’s engraving service. A traditional technique for embellishing and personalizing, engraving is available for a full range of products.


Our silversmith are masters in both hand and mechanical engravings. The first method is done with a long chisel and bears the memory of the professional who produces it.


Christofle takes just as much care with our mechanical engravings. Controlled by a computer, the result is a smooth rendering that has a faster lead time than engravings done by hand.


Fortunately, engraving is not limited to a few letters or numbers. Give free reign to your imagination, desires and inspiration. To help with your desired design, Christofle offers classic or contemporary primer books.


From a beloved poem to musical notes or a child’s drawing, our engravers are here to help you preserve the most precious memories and unique moments.


For any special request, please contact us by phone at +1(360)777-5260 or email us using the Contact Form.