1. Infini Christofle

    Forget what you know about cutlery. Live a unique sensory experience through astonishing design. The Christofle silversmith's house revisits table rituals with its new collection of essential cutlery called Infini Christofle.

  2. MOOD By Christofle

    A decorative piece with a compact shape, MOOD By Christofle is a streamlined, comtemporary and universal statement, in a silver-plated service for six. MOOD By Christofle brings to the table the promise of conviviality and moments to remember.

  3. Malmaison

    The “Château de Malmaison” near Paris was the favorite residence of Napoleon Bonaparte and Empress Josephine. The palm and lotus leaf frieze and the symmetry of the decoration are typical of the Empire style, which was largely inspired by Antiquity.

  4. Albi

    As an ode to French elegance, Albi is a classic design inspired by the nave of the famous Cathedral in Albi, France. The clean and straight lines amplifies the masterpiece of the southern French art style. 

  5. Albi Stainless Steel

    This collection takes its name from the French town of Albi,located between Toulouse and Bordeaux. The clean, straight lines and single nave in the famous fortified Albi cathedral inspired the design.

  6. Marly

    Marly is one of the most elaborately decorated patterns of the collection; the fine chasing of its asymmetrical plant motifs, typical of the “Rocaille” or Louis XV style, highlight the silversmith’s expertise and attention to detail.

  7. Cluny

    Cluny is a great classic of French cutlery models inherited from the 18th century. It appeared in the first catalog of the Christofle house in 1862. Its current form, slightly redesigned by the Christofle studio in 1964, magnifies its sober but soft elegance.

  8. Perles

    The alignment of beads in halfrelief is typical of Louis XVI ornamentation. This classic and feminine design outlines the contours of the flatware like a pearl necklace.

  9. America

  10. Jardin d'Eden

    The Jardin d´Eden cutlery collection was created in 2010 by Marcel Wanders Studio. It broke away from the Maison’s normal design codes and instantly became a highly coveted flatware collection that has extended to other universes over the years.

  11. L'Ame de Christofle

    Fruit of the encounter between Christofle and the designer Eugeni Quitllet, each piece of the "L'Âme de Christofle" collection is cut from the material to give it a flat face with a thousand reflections, like a mirror. The user is thus reflected in the object and becomes ... its Soul, which can be translated in french by the word "L’Âme".

    Sensual, eternal, timeless, our collection "l'Ame de Christofle" is now enriched with new pieces and adorned with new colors, reflecting the trends of our time.

  12. Osiris

  13. Royal Chef

    Royal Chef is a new collection making its mark on the art of dining and entertaining. It takes the home chef from the kitchen to the dining table. The knives seamlessly blend aesthetics with function while enhancing the art of cutting. The knives are made in France and contain blades fabricated from Nitrox ® steel and oak handles adorned with a silver-plated pearl that transforms every knife into a real gem.

  14. Concorde

    With Concorde, Christofle proposes a new case with urban lines associated to an original pattern of flatware. Design inspired by the oblong shape of the Parisian “Place de la Concorde”, Concorde combines the beauty with daily use, elegance with relaxation, pure with ornamentation.

  15. Fidelio

  16. Rubans

    The Rubans flatware collection evokes the romantic charm of the 18th century. It also transports us to the happy memories of large family dinners and the joys of childhood. Created in 1907, Rubans takes on the decorative characteristic of the Louis XVI style that dates back to Roman antiquity. The interlacing of silk-like silver ribbons gracefully wraps around the cutlery and elegantly ties into a bow. The Rubans collection syncs perfectly with porcelain that contains colorful trimmings and graphics.

  17. Spatours

  18. Commodore

  19. Origine

  20. Hudson

  21. Essentiel

    Created by the Christofle studio in 2017, Essentiel is the cutlery set that brings together essential table cutlery and summarizes a new form of conviviality.

  22. Silvercare

  23. MOOD Skyline

    MOOD has become the symbol of the House's expertise, adorned with the skylines of the world's greatest capitals, finely engraved on its iridescently shimmering shell.