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Introduce yourself to all of our flatware pieces through 5 emblematic cutlery collections from Maison Christofle: Malmaison, Aria, Infini Christofle, Jardin d'Eden and Cluny.
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The Flowing Dragon

Our new limited edition artwork by Zheng Lu

Engraving Service

Personalize your Christofle gifts to make them truly unique

Mood Asia Precious

The New MOOD Asia Precious rose gold set of cutlery for six

For You or for Loved Ones Finely Crafted Pieces to Share

Elliott Barnes - Dellipse
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Haute Orfevrerie
Created by Maison Christofle in 1993, Haute Orfèvrerie designates the silversmith's high-end collection and its dedicated workshop. The Haute Orfèvrerie sculptures are hand-made in Silver Sterling and limited editions.
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Haute orfèvrerie
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Orfèvre à Paris
Since 1830
Since the brand was founded in 1830, Charles Christofle and his successors have made silver – a precious metal symbolising purity – the icon of a lifestyle, a mirror of its time and of the history of design.
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Pamper your SilverEveryday Silver Care

We have a few tips on how to treat your precious silverware on a daily basis.


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Discover our specialized flatware storage boxes for your collection.