How to Clean your Silverware: The Care Secrets of Christofle
Dec 26, 2023


Silverware, a symbol of elegance and refinement, requires careful care to preserve its brilliance over time. In this article, Christofle reveals its cleaning secrets with the Silvercare range, offering a complete solution for cleaning, polishing and shining your silver objects. Discover the collection's star products and recommended methods of use.



Flash Silver Cleaner

Silvercare Lotion

Silvercare Cream

Flash Silver Cleaner


Silver Flash is ideal for cleaning all uneven surfaces quickly and effectively, giving a sparkling result and preserving the original shine.



  • Shake the bottle and soak your product for 3 to 4 minutes in the basket provided
  • Remove the basket and rinse with lukewarm water
  • Carefully dry your object
  • Repeat if necessary

Silvercare Lotion


Christofle Silvercare Care Lotion offers a fast and effective solution for removing oxidation, polishing and protecting your silver objects.

It is ideal for making your silver shine, while providing long-lasting protection.




  • Shake the bottle well before use
  • Apply the lotion to the object and rub it with a soft cloth
  • Wipe the object dry
  • Apply a second time and leave to dry
  • Shine with a soft, dry cloth

Silvercare Cream


Christofle Silvercare is THE solution for bringing your silver objects back to life. 


This cream is ideal for pieces that need special attention, providing thorough care without compromising the natural beauty of the silver.




Carefully rub the object with a sponge (supplied with the cream) lightly soaked in warm water. Then rinse with clean, warm water and finally wipe gently with a soft cloth. 


Use silver care cream for all your items that need special attention.