Pamper Your Silver Pieces

If you don’t use your silver pieces every day, store them in their anti-tarnish pouches to protect them. The same goes for your cutlery: use the appropriate storage chests lined with anti-tarnish fabric. And to thoroughly pamper them from time to time, pull out all the stops…

Christofle's anti-tarnish pouches and storage chests

  • Products/07212277000001_STQO_yd5f5a


    Drawer Storage Insert, may contain 12 pieces, sold empty

  • Anti-Tarnish Cloth Storage Pouch, 10 ½” x 3 ½”


    Anti-Tarnish Cloth Storage Pouch, 10 ½” x 3 ½”

  • Flatware Chest for 165-Piece Flatware Set Prestige


    Prestige chest, may contain 165 pieces, sold empty

  • Flatware Chest for 145-Piece Flatware Set Essentiel


    Essentiel 145-Piece Flatware Chest

  • Products/7214701_FPO_utjtt1
    Best Seller


    Imperial 144-piece chest for 12 people

  • Flatware Chest for 144-Piece Flatware Set Jardin d'Eden


    Jardin d'Eden chest, may contain 144 pieces, sold empty

  • Products/7211540_FPO_lrc7rv


    Ambassadeur 125-piece chest for 12 people

  • Products/7213100_FP_zsa2mx_vsjgb9


    Chest, may contain 48 pieces, sold empty

  • Products/7213050_FO_lvt75x


    Chest, may contain 38 pieces, sold empty

  • 07213101000001


    30-Piece Flatware Storage Case


Beauty Prescription

Every need has a corresponding remedy. Make your choice based on which piece needs to be cleaned or your preferred use.

Anti-tarnish Silver Cream

A new formulation that provides a cream with a very "airy" texture for easy application and a very pleasant fragrance. Simply use a damp sponge to clean your silver pieces. Remove spots, polish, and shine your pieces in a single swipe.

Polishing Gloves

For all your silver pieces, as often as you want. Pre-treated with a polishing agent, they are easy to use and have the advantage of keeping your hands clean. Warning: Do not wash your gloves; doing so would remove the treatment product.

Anti-tarnish protective lotion

This lotion cleans, polishes, and shines with disconcerting ease. Its fluid texture makes it easier to apply, especially to pieces with complicated shapes and hard-to-reach spots. Use with a slightly damp sponge.

Polishing Cloth

The everyday ally of all your silver pieces that is easy to use frequently. You should always have one on hand. Note: A polishing cloth should not be washed, as that would cause it to lose all its power.

Silver Flash anti-tarnish solution

This solution is perfect for immediately restoring the shine to your cutlery, link jewelry or with decorated surfaces… However, you must be vigilant with jewelry clasps: they often have a steel part that could be damaged by the product!


This depends on the size of your service. There are cases for 6 or 12 pieces, large storage chests for sets with more pieces (up to 144 pieces), or small wooden drawer storage inserts with an anti-tarnish lining for a limited number of pieces.

Further Product Care tips and advice

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Specific Treatments

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Christofle Repair Workshop

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