Adorn your home with elegant and effortless pieces whether it’s a picture frame to display precious memories, an elaborate candelabra or the perfect vase for your bouquet of peonies.


The perfect vase is an exceptional addition to your home interiors. Christofle offers high-quality vases imbued with traditional know-how. The pieces are iconic, timeless and makes the perfect gift for any occasion.


The Collections


Created in 2010 by designer Ora-Ïto, the Arborescence collection is dedicated to minimalist design. Ora-Ïto succeeds in the daring gamble of combining the elegance of Christofle with the abstract evocation of plants.


Graffiti’s poetic and offbeat graphics are evocative of neighborhood wall drawings. Each object in the collection is engraved with signs, symbols, and phrases which replicate the feverish handwriting of a master graffiti artist.

Madison 6

The Madison 6 collection brilliantly exhibits the hexagon insignia, an iconic geometric motif of the Maison since its founding. The collection has a chameleon like quality with an ability to come in several materials including crystal, porcelain, and silver. 


Designed by Andrée Putman in 2000, Vertigo brilliantly illustrates the design concept of Putnam by combining simplicity and purity with functionality. The collection is characterized by a ring emblem with a sensual and deliberately asymmetrical design that integrated onto each piece.