Everyday Silver Care

Silverware every day, what a brilliant idea! Here are a few tips to take care of your silverware on a daily basis.

Dishwasher Tips

Good to know: It’s best to avoid putting your crystal glasses in the dishwasher at the same time as your cutlery, as that may tarnish the silver. Also, do not put stainless steel cutlery or knives manufactured before 1968 in the dishwasher. 


We advise you use powder detergent and to regroup all your knives in the same dedicated cutlery basket of your dishwasher with their blades pointing downwards and their handles pointing upwards. If you have a mix of stainless steel and sterling silver cutlery, make sure to always wash them separately.

Do you love doing the dishes?

If you can’t resist the temptation to wash your cutlery by hand, do so gently! Always use a soft sponge and mild dishwashing liquid.


Avoid any dishwashing liquid that contains chlorine, citric acid or lemon scent. Make sure to never use the scratchy side of the sponge and avoid any contact with bleach and rubber gloves.


 After washing, if you abhor the sight of traces of water, wipe immediately with a soft cloth.


The best way to preserve the beauty of your silver pieces is simply to store them in their cases and chests.


Lined with anti-tarnish fabric, they protect the silver so that you don’t have to clean them as often.

Further Product Care Tips and Advice

Pamper Your Silver Pieces

If you reserve your silver pieces for special occasions only, make sure to follow our tips to ensure their long lasting shine.

Specific Treatments

We show you how to best take care of your Christofle jewelery, porcelain, crystalware, picture frames and other home décor items.

Christofle Repair Workshop

For your repairs, come to a Christofle store near you to entrust our experts with your most valuable pieces.