1. Kawali

    Designed by le studio Christofle, the collection of goblets and champagne flutes Kawali brings its colorful and festive opulence to the table, for festive and joyful moments.

  2. Graphik

    Created in 2015, Graphik’s design entails racy, powerful and modern lines etched onto glass and sterling silver pieces. The collection is created with vigorous lines.

  3. Oh de Christofle

    The pieces in the Oh collection are ideal for relaxing or entertaining outdoors. From a cocktail party on a boat to a summer dinner on the terrace, Oh de Christofle combine style with functionality.

  4. Iriana

    Designed by le Studio Christofle in 1996, the Iriana collection declines with sobriety and cachet a whole set of crystal glassware for the bar.

  5. Scottish

    Created in 1997 by le Studio Christofle , the Scottish collection offers a remarkable set of crystalware for the bar. With its powerful and manly lines, Scottish is a collection that asserts a strong character.

  6. Albi

    As an ode to French elegance, Albi is a classic design inspired by the nave os the famous Cathedral in Albi, France. The clean and straight lines amplifies the masterpiece of the southern French art style. 

  7. Vertigo

    Designed by Andrée Putman in 2000, Vertigo brilliantly illustrates the design concept of Putnam by combining simplicity and purity with functionality. The collection is characterized by a ring emblem with a sensual and deliberately asymmetrical design that integrated onto each piece.

  8. Malmaison

    Malmaison is the ultimate Empire provincal collection. It is named after the castle which was a favorite vacation spot for Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte and Empress Josephine. Its adornment entails illustrations of water leaves and lotus flowers. The symmetrical structure of the decor is typical of the Empire style.

  9. K+T

    K+T Collection was designed by Adam D. Tiney & Thomas Keller in 1998. Born in Transylvania and raised in Israel, Adam D. Tihany is a designer in the world of interior architecture, working on projects for renowned restaurants around the world. The K + T collection with initials for Tihany and Keller is simple yet sophisticated that matches any space.

  10. Anémone-Belle Epoque

    The Anémone-Belle Epoque collection was created in 1902 by the master silversmiths of Christofle for the famous Champagne House Perrier-Jouët. It is inspired by the motif of anemones drawn by the master Art Nouveau glassmaker, Emile Gallé. The motif adorns the bottle of the "Belle Epoque" cuvée. The Anémone-Belle Epoque collection is fashioned from silver and highlights the artistic talent of the Maison's Master silversmiths.

  11. Silver Time