1. Tourbillon - New

    World-renowned for its crystal ware, Christofle brings a new material to the Art of the Table with Tourbillon: pieces in blown glass, fruits of the collaboration with Alya Tannous. This collaboration has resulted in 4 new glasses: a champagne flute, a red wine glass, a white wine glass, a water glass.

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  2. Rêve Cosmique - NEW

    For the 2023 edition of holiday ornaments, the Christofle Studio has chosen the theme of the stars. Both poetic and mysterious, they guide our daily lives and illuminate our nights. Through the Rêve Cosmique Collection, Christofle invites us to dream of a fabulous journey beyond the Earth. Sun, moon and constellations reveal their brightness through silver and gold. The collection included 9 references.

  3. Iriana

    Designed by the Christofle studio in 1996, the Iriana collection declines with sobriety and cachet a whole set of crystal glassware for the bar. Iriana magnifies the best tasting moments with its elegance and cachet.

  4. Graphik

    Powerful lines, assertive modernity, the Graphik collection was created in 2015 by Christofle studio. It offers a wide range of crystal glassware and silver metal pieces for the bar, perfectly combining aesthetics and functionality. Recently, the collection has become available in jewelry: sharp, daring pieces with a masculine touch.

  5. Kawali

    Created by Christofle studio, the Kawali champagne goblets and champagne flutes collection brings its colorful and festive opulence to the table, for festive and joyful moments.

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  6. OH de Christofle

    The steel parts of the OH collection by Christofle are ideal for spending some time on your own or for entertaining outside. Whether it's a long drink on the deck of the boat, a summer meal on the terrace or an improvised cocktail in the garden, they combine style and functionality.

    Discover the Oh de Christofle Collection.

  7. Vertigo

    Designed by Andrée Putman in 2002, "Vertigo" brilliantly illustrates the design concept of its creator: combining a simple and pure aesthetic with the functional function of objects.

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  8. Malmaison

    Malmaison is named after the castle which was the favorite holiday resort of the Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte and the Empress Josephine. Resolutely chic, its ornaments, openwork leaves and symmetry of the decorations, give a statutory imprint to the table and to all the moments that live there.

    Discover Malmaison Collection

  9. K+T

    Immerse yourself in the barware world and discover the K+T collection.

  10. Anémone-Belle Epoque

    Created in 1902 by the master silversmiths of Christofle for the Champagne House Perrier-Jouët, the Anémone-Belle Epoque collection is inspired by the anemone motif to highlight the artistic talent of the house.

  11. Albi

    Albi is an ode to French elegance. Inspired by the pure and straight lines of the nave of the famous cathedral of the city of Albi, a masterpiece of southern art, this collection quickly became a classic of Christofle.

  12. Dellipse

    The DELLIPSE collection consists of three exclusive pieces including a Champagne Vasque, a Champagne Bucket, and a Champagne Saber, the ultimate joyful object used to open a bottle of champagne. These exceptional pieces are a revered collaboration between the Maison Christofle and Elliott Barnes.

  13. Marly

    Crée en 1897, ce modèle doit son nom au château de Marly, charmante villégiature de Louis XIV. Marly traduit la richesse et le raffinement d’une table « à la française », tout en restant très actuelle, de par l’hommage qu’elle rend au végétal qui constitue son ornement principal.