Oh de Christofle

Oh de Christofle collection

Cool off by letting yourself be caressed by a light breeze, laugh out loud and have a good time with friends during a happy summer aperitif. The pieces in the Oh collection are ideal for enjoying yourself or entertaining outdoors. Whether it's a longdrink on the deck of the boat, a summer meal on the terrace or an improvised cocktail in the garden, they combine style and functionality.

Recognizable at a glance thanks to their emblematic rings, the pieces harmonize with each other all in roundness and softness. The ring, inspired by the nautical eyelets present on the rigging of sailboats, is a well thought out ornament to offer a perfect grip.

Let yourself be invited to live precious moments in good weather

Trays, ice bucket, champagne bucket, coaster, ashtrays, cocktail pikes, stirrers, bottle opener, tealight holder ... the OH collection invites us to experience delicious moments of conviviality. It contributes, through its racy beauty, to forge wonderful memories of summer.