A prelude to dinner, the aperitif is a matter of taste. Some swear by fine bubbles that unfold in the pure crystal of a champagne glass. For those who like it malted or peated, it is with a glass of whiskey that they are most satisfied. Mouth-blown, tasting is all the more pleasant. Vodka Martini, Cosmopolitan, the fully hand-cut cocktail glass is a ticket to the exotic. Whatever your preferences, the main thing is that your aperitif is adorned with beautiful cases.

The Perfect Cocktail

As the breeze of warm weather approaches, Christofle's barware collections has everything you need for the refreshing cocktails.





Powerful lines, assertive modernity, the Graphik collection was created in 2015 by Christofle studio. It offers a wide range of crystal glassware and silver metal pieces for the bar, perfectly combining aesthetics and functionality. Recently, the collection has become available in jewelry: sharp, daring pieces with a masculine touch.

Oh de Christofle

Oh de Christofle

The steel parts of the OH collection by Christofle are ideal for spending some time on your own or for entertaining outside. Whether it's a long drink on the deck of the boat, a summer meal on the terrace or an improvised cocktail in the garden, they combine style and functionality.


Created by Christofle studio, the Kawali champagne goblets and champagne flutes collection brings its colorful and festive opulence to the table, for festive and joyful moments.


Designed by the Christofle studio in 1996, the Iriana collection declines with sobriety and cachet a whole set of crystal glassware for the bar. Iriana magnifies the best tasting moments with its elegance and cachet.


Created in 1997 by the Christofle studio, the Scottish collection offers a remarkable set of crystalware for the bar. With its powerful and manly lines, Scottish is a collection that asserts its character.


Designed by Andrée Putman in 2000, "Vertigo" brilliantly illustrates the design concept of its creator: combining a simple and pure aesthetic with the functional function of objects.