Gifts for kids

Maison Christofle offers a complete collection of products to please your children.

A gift for every occasion: baby cups, napkin rings or silver-plated cutlery for children are all opportunities to discover beauty from a very young age.

Offer a photo frame so that he/she remembers the most beautiful memories of his/her childhood.

Make your gift exceptional by engraving

it: with a date, a first name or even sweet words.


Baby cups

Silver baby cups, the gift full of symbolism

Sterling silver or silver-plated baby cup, this is the unique gift of a lifetime.

It is traditionally offered to a child on the occasion of his/her baptism. The baby cup is a real heritage that is thus intended for the child.

This baby cup, ideal to quench one's thirst, is also ideal when, mischievously diverted, it will be used as a pencil pot.

 All our baby cups are engravable.


Napkin rings

A legend at Christofle says that Charles himself invented the napkin ring!

It is an ideal gift for the arrival of a child. It quickly became a symbol of family life, of the community that gathers around the table every day.

You can engrave a name, a date of birth or a sweet message to mark the moment.


Cutlery and Tableware

To enjoy the moments around the table from a very young age

These cutlery and meal sets for children will awaken baby's senses during his daily meals. Used on a daily basis, hey enhance the simplest of meals.

Charlie Bear, Beebee and Savane collection, with their refined and playful design, are sure to please children.

These products are all engravable.


Our suggestion : Silver-plated Oeuf Baby Gift Set

Oeuf - Timbale, coquetier, rond de serviette et toupie en métal argenté

The ideal gift for kids! Oeuf Cup Set is a silver-plated egg that separates into a baby tumbler, egg cup, napkin ring and spinning top.

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Birth egg Oeuf  Silver plated


Silver-Plated Baby Gift Set


Photo Frames

The silver photo frame: the most beautiful case for your family photos

A very personal gift, the photo frame takes care of the most beautiful family memories.

A real case for these precious images, the sterling-silver photo frame can be offered to mark the birth, baptism or even the child's birthday.

Discover engravable photo frames that will sublimate magnificent memories and moments of your life, and decorate with sobriety and elegance the child's room.


Trinket boxes

The Trinket box has been an emblematic product of the House since 1830

Charles Christofle, who was first a jeweler, already used to offer "bonbonnières" at that time.

 Discover different styles of trinket boxes to offer, a beautiful gift to immortalize special moments.


Other gifts ideas for kids

Need an idea for a special gift?

What about a silver-plated ruler from Beebee Collection?

To celebrate the birth of a baby, a small medal engraved with their name, initials or date of birth, accompanied by a bracelet to please the mother too.


A beautiful gift for the mother

A delicate engraved souvenir ? The Chri-Chri collection offers a bracelet, a necklace and 5 medallions.

Baby shower et cadeau de Naissance

Le temps qui passe, une nouvelle génération qui s’annonce, le cadeau de naissance est chargé de symboles. Il peut être offert dans l’ambiance festive d’une « baby-shower party ». Présente dans toutes les cultures, elle s’appelle tantôt fête prénatale en France, Chá de bebê au Brésil ou Valaikappu en Inde… Dans tous les cas, elle met à l’honneur la future ou jeune maman. Pour vous aider à choisir le plus beau des cadeaux de naissance, la Maison Christofle vous propose une sélection d’objets des plus élégants. Timbale, coquetier, couverts bébé, votre cadeau de naissance marque un instant d’exception.

Cadeau de Baptême

L’histoire d’une famille est jalonnée d’événements fondateurs. Le baptême compte parmi les tous premiers. Après la cérémonie, la famille célèbre ce moment des plus importants souvent autour d’une grande table. Des couverts en argent, un rond de serviette élégant, une assiette bébé en porcelaine ou l’incontournable timbale en argent, sont autant d’objets de qualité conçus pour éveiller le jeune enfant à la beauté. Gravés au nom de l’enfant, ils resteront à travers les ans le témoin personnalisé d’un moment exceptionnel de la vie familiale.