1. Babylone

    The name is a myth: that of the world's most beautiful hanging gardens. In Paris, the Rue de Babylone embodies the very essence of a certain art de vivre, the one favored by designer Mademoiselle Aurélie Bidermann, with whom Christofle is writing a new chapter in tableware, decorative pieces and jewelry.

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  2. Chri-Chri

    Maison Christofle presents Chri-Chri, a collection of highly desirable jewellery.
    Endlessly adaptable to each individual’s taste, this sterling silver range comprises a necklace and bracelet with large links,

    and five medallions, all designed by Studio Christofle.

  3. Mavelot

    The Mavelot key ring collection is a tribute to the greatest clients of Christofle since 1830. They have contributed to the influence of our House. Sterling silver key ring representing interlaced initials whose intertwining is inspired by the monograms designed by Charles Mavelot in the 17th century. Made as jewelry, the silver is highlighted by its mirror polished finish. Discover the stories of these customers who have contributed to the influence of our House.

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  4. Patte de Lion

    To pay tribute to the "Peau de lion" collection designed by Charles Rossigneux, an architect and decorator for Prince Louis-Napoléon, in 1867, and to its heritage, the Art Recherche Industrie agency reinterpreted the services and cutlery of that time for Christofle to create a collection of bold jewelry, entitled "Patte de Lion".

  5. Pompon

    The Pompon collection honours a motif that has a special place in the history of costume, decoration and, more broadly, the decorative arts: the pompon. ​Christofle presents in this jewelry collection: one tie and one tie necklace, one long tie necklace / belt and earrings, as well as jewelry accessories: an eyeglass holder long necklace and a lipstick case long necklace.

  6. Idole de Christofle

    A true piece of art, jewelry completes a look and offers the wearer a chance to affirm personal style. Through its creations for men and women, the Maison Christofle shapes brilliance radiance and elevates silver with audacity and modernity.

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  7. Rivage

    This collection gives life to the metal's rigidity through the ebb and flow of undulating curves. Each piece suggests the fluidity of a wave with flat, irregular crests, beveled on one side so as to give resonance to the silver.

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  8. Palmaceae

    Designed for Christofle by the famous multi-media artist Michele Oka Doner, the PALMACEAE jewelry collection, in solid silver, is inspired by the palm tree, a plant that the artist particularly likes.

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  9. Madison Style

    Madison Style is a collection of jewelry for women inspired by the spirit of freedom and emancipation that reigned in America in the 1920s. Finely woven in solid silver, they constantly catch the light which accentuates their shimmer and makes them particularly vibrant.

  10. Perles

    Our beautiful silver pearls, an important code of Christofle classics, are extending to the jewelry offer. Exceptional sterling silver jewelry pieces bring elegance and modernity. Worn as an evening accessory, the beauty of polished silver will enhance any silhouette.

    Discover Perles Collection

  11. Duo Complice

    This fall, the Maison Christofle brings new creative momentum to its Duo Complice collection. The celebrated bracelets in silver and woven leather can now express a broader range of emotions thanks to a magnetic system that lets the wearer adapt the jewelry to suit a mood or an outfit.

  12. Graphik

    Powerful lines, assertive modernity, the Graphik collection was created in 2015 by Christofle studio. Recently, the collection has become available in jewelry: sharp, daring pieces with a masculine touch.

  13. Madison 6

    Designed by Christofle studio, the Madison 6 collection brilliantly declines the hexagon motif, an iconic geometric motif for the Maison since it is the shape of its hallmark.

  14. Code Royale

    Available in rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings and necklaces, the Code Royale collection creates variations on the motif of the hexagon, tribute to the sign of the hallmark of Charles Christofle, who founded the House. A collection with a contemporary and rock look, in tune with a femininity that assumes its power and freedom.

  15. Pliage

    Designed for Christofle by the designer Claire Dévé, the Pliage jewelry collection plays admirably with the material. Like origami, the lines fold and cross to create a sensual graphic in the generous material of solid silver.

  16. Jardin d'Eden

    Marcel Wanders studio is continuing the story of the Jardin d'Eden and once more reinterpreting the theme of temptation and the seven deadly sins with a collection of silver-plated accessories showcasing the luxuriant garden.

  17. Graffiti

    Designed by the design agency "la tête au cube" for Christofle, each object in the Graffiti collection upsets the traditional image of classic goldsmithing, while carrying a message with poetic and offbeat graphics in the form of graffiti.

  18. Royal Jack

    Royal Jack is a new range of accessories that provides luxury and elegance to your furry friends.

    Fabricated with high-quality materials, Royal Jack highlights the value and codes of our Maison: the art of sharing.