Mar 9, 2020
Perles CollectionPerles Collection


Pearls, Louis XVI style, was created in 1876.
The alignment of pearls in semi-relief is one of the typical ornaments of Louis XVI decor.
This classic and feminine decor highlights the outline of the cutlery like a pearl necklace.


Perles Flatware

The alignment of beads in halfrelief is typical of Louis XVI ornamentation.

This classic and feminine design outlines the contours of the flatware like a pearl necklace.


Perles Exceptional pieces

Christofle revisits this iconic collection, Perles, which has been a part of the Maison since 1850. The pearled strip comes from the 1930 “Cardeilhac box”. These are exceptional decorative pieces that add elegance and prestige to an interior design.


Perles Jewelry

Our beautiful silver pearls, an important code of Christofle classics, are extending to the jewelry offer.

Exceptional sterling silver jewelry pieces bring elegance and modernity. This creation is valorizing the "savoir faire" of the Maison Christofle.