Madison Style Collection

Designed by Studio Christofle, Madison Style is a collection of jewelry for women inspired by the spirit of freedom and emancipation that reigned in America in the 1920s.
Madison Style
A crazy spirit of independence

The jewels of the collection are finely woven in solid silver which gives them an ultra-sensual wear. Both present and refined, the choker necklace, the long necklace and the multi-strand bracelet sumptuously dress the bust and the wrists. The flexibility of the silver wire mesh gives them a fluidity that gracefully accompanies each gesture. Following the movement, they constantly catch the light which accentuates their shimmer and makes them particularly vibrant.

Elegance and femininity
Elegance and femininity

In 2019, the collection was enriched with a pair of dangling dress earrings, perfect for emphasizing the look and going dancing. Sophisticated, the jewels of the Madison Style collection reflect the elegance of an independent woman who assumes her freedom as much as her femininity.