Designers & Collaborations

Surrounded by the best talents

Since its creation, the house founded by Charles Christofle in 1830 has been committed to solicit talents and collaborate with artists.

For Christofle, goldsmithing and haute-silversmithing are trades that reflect the customs of an era while at the same time they must be able to create timeless objects that will to go down the centuries.

To achieve this ambition, many artists and designers have contributed through their talents to create remarkable collections, in collaboration with the silversmiths, master silversmiths and the design studio of the house. Man Ray and Cocteau are among them of course, but also avant-garde architect designer Gio Ponti and modernist goldsmiths such as Lino Sabatini and Christian Fjerdingstad who left a strong impact on the creations of the house in the 20th century. We should also mention a major name in French and international design, Andrée Putman, who created the Vertigo collection and the Idole collection for Christofle.

More recently, Christofle associated its name with renowned designers like: Mademoiselle Aurélie Bidermann (Babylone Collection), Elliott Barnes (Dellipse Collection), Marcel Wanders (Jardin d'Eden collection), the Nendo studio (Constellation collection), Eric Schmitt (Céleste collection), Sarah Espeute (Sarah Espeute for Christofle) or the artist Richard Orlinski (animal sculptures).


For Christofle, being surrounded by the best talents means constantly taking up the challenge of creativity and excellence.

Richard Orlinski

"He sculpts and sublimates reality. It creates timeless and lively art objects that create emotion"

Andrée Putman

Dubbed “the vestal of the the immaculate conceptual“

Marcel Wanders studio

Marcel Wanders studio's mission is to "create an environment of love, live with passion and make our dreams come true"


The French designer Ora-Ïto is a star on the international design scene

Jean-Marie Massaud

Recognized for his work in the fields of design and architecture


For Eric Schmitt, a secret man, it is much more attractive not to reveal too much

Studio Nendo

For Christofle, Nendo found inspiration in cherry blossom floraison and stars shining in the sky to give birth to the Collection Constellation

Sarah Espeute

Sarah Espeute created a hand-embroidered tablecloth in trompe l’oeil. This trick of the eye brings to life a vibrant and modern table

Elliott Barnes

Imagined by the Franco-American architect Elliott Barnes, The DELLIPSE collection consists of three exclusive pieces around the Champagne rituals

Mademoiselle Aurélie Bidermann

Babylone is a collection designed by designer Mademoiselle Aurélie Bidermann, composed of Dining and Home Decoration and complemented with Jewelry

Zheng Lu

Zheng Lu seamlessly blends exquisite craftsmanship, technical finesse, and conceptual depth in his creations creating the Flowing Dragon sculptures.