1. Albi

    Albi is a classic design inspired by the famous Cathedral in Albi, France. The clean and straight lines amplifies the masterpiece of the southern French art style. 

  2. Beebee

    The Beebee collection brings imagination to life for babies and toddlers and reinterprets the iconic hexagonal motif of Christofle. 

  3. Charlie Bear

    The Charlie Bear collection is an adorable teddy bear. The bear motif adorns many baby and child products, that are perfect for keepsakes or gift giving.  

  4. Nathalie

    The Nathalie collection offers functional pieces that can be used at an early age through childhood and passing on as an heirloom. 

  5. Perles

    The Perles collection is apart of the Maison's older collections.  A delicate alignment of pearls, fashioned from silver, in semi-relief hems are placed around the edge of the items as if it were a necklace. 

  6. Savane

    The Savane collection, get carried away to a savannah and discover animals. From an elegant giraffe to a plump hippopotamus or the mischievous monkey.