How to Care for your Vintage Pieces
Aug 28, 2022

The pieces of the Christofle Vintage Collection are second hand pieces selected and authenticated by Christofle.

These pieces are in good condition and restored in our workshops in Yainville (Normandy).

They have been polished by our goldsmiths to give them back their shine while preserving the patina linked to time and use.

Christofle Vintage SilverwareChristofle Vintage Silverware

Take care of your silverware

In order to preserve the beauty of your Vintage silverware, we advise you to maintain it with a Christofle product: the antioxidant liquid occasionally and the polishing gloves for regular maintenance.


For maintenance with polishing gloves: be sure to remove your jewelry and pass the glove over the entire piece to restore its shine.


For maintenance with the antioxidant liquid, refer to the product's instructions.

Beforehand, make sure to remove the piece from its antioxidant pouch. This pouch is doubled with antioxidant fabric to protect your piece from oxidation.

Care advices

Your Vintage silverware can be cleaned by hand or in the dishwasher,
except for knives, which we do not recommend putting in the dishwasher.

Hand wash

Wash immediately after use (avoid prolonged contact with acidic foods such as eggs, lemon, or vinegar). If you do not wash immediately, rinse your cutlery in hot water.


Use a soft sponge and soapy water (avoid liquids that contains chlorine, citric acid, or citrus or lemon scent).


Never use the scrubbing side of the sponge, and avoid contact with bleach and rubber gloves.


After washing, it is recommended to wipe immediately to avoid any trace of water with a soft cloth.



Clean in the dishwasher

Only use detergent powders without chlorine or sulfur and avoid liquids, gels, or tablets. 


We do not recommend the use of lemon detergent.


Separate from stainless steel cutlery to avoid scratching and discoloration.


Half-open the door at the end of the cycle to avoid condensation stains.


As the knife blade attachment system has evolved over the centuries, we strongly advise against putting Vintage knives in the dishwasher, as there is a risk that the handles and blades will come apart.

Christofle Vintage champagne bucketsChristofle Vintage champagne buckets

Keep the shine

To preserve or restore their shine, Christofle has developed a range of efficient and easy-to-use products:

Care cream and care lotion to clean, polish and make the product shine.

The Flash Silver Cleaner to eliminate traces of oxidation with a simple immersion.

Polishing gloves and Polishing cloth to make the product shine without rinsing.


Christofle launches a vintage pieces buyback plateform to give them a second life.

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More about the Vintage Collection

Christofle Vintage Collection

Christofle is writing a new page in its history with the launch of the Vintage Collection: the sale of antique pieces selected with love and restored with passion.


The Christofle Vintage Collection is an invitation to travel through time, an ode to timeless beauty, a call to break codes by mixing styles and eras.

Vintage according to Christofle

Interiors are evolving and so is the art of the table. Contribute, in its own way, to a more sustainable economy that respects its environment. Weaving links between eras and generations.

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Discover Vintage pieces selected with love and restored with passion. These pieces whisper the secrets of their "past lives".

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The restoration

Once the pieces have been collected from brand lovers, Christofle proceeds with a restoration that respects the objects eras and life while preserving the traces of their history.