Madison 6
Mar 16, 2020


The collection

The Madison 6 collection brilliantly exhibits the hexagon insignia, an iconic geometric motif of the Maison since its founding.
Madison 6 plates
Adopt rhythm and movement into your home.

The motif is shows up in various ways depending on the collection, product universe and material such as the honeycomb design outlining the rim of a dinner plate. Additionally, Madison 6 extends from tableware to the world of home decoration and accessories.

Madison 6 vases
A chameleon like quality

The collection has a chameleon like quality with an ability to come in several materials including crystal, porcelain, and silver. Some of the crystal vases are tinted in different hues while a breathtaking centerpiece is fashioned from mouth-blown crystal. The silver-plated trays are engraved with the playful honeycomb design.