Pamper Your Silver Pieces
May 21, 2021

If you don’t use your silver pieces every day, store them in their anti-tarnish pouches to protect them. The same goes for your cutlery: use the appropriate storage chests lined with anti-tarnish fabric. And to thoroughly pamper them from time to time, pull out all the stops…




The first step to keeping your silver cutlery sparkling is to treat it gently. Ideally, clean them after each use with a soft cloth to remove food residues and avoid abrasive cleaners that could damage the delicate silver surface.


Your Christofle silver cutlery is completely dishwasher-safe. However, to prevent repeated use from oxidising your cutlery, we recommend that you only use washing powders that do not contain chlorine or citric acid (avoid gels and liquids that often contain chlorine, as well as "lemon perfumes" containing citric acid. Avoid multi-purpose tablets).


Christofle has also developed a range of cleaning products for your silverware: the Silvercare range.



Put your forks in a warm bath of soapy water. Scrub gently with a soft toothbrush to remove any oxidation that may have appeared between the teeth.


Avoid exposing your knives to damp for long periods. Dry them immediately after washing to prevent any marks from forming on the blade of the knife.


Every need has a corresponding remedy. Make your choice based on which piece needs to be cleaned or your preferred use.

Anti-tarnish Silver Cream

A new formulation that provides a cream with a very "airy" texture for easy application and a very pleasant fragrance. Simply use a damp sponge to clean your silver pieces. Remove spots, polish, and shine your pieces in a single swipe.

Polishing gloves

For all your silver pieces, as often as you want. Pre-treated with a polishing agent, they are easy to use and have the advantage of keeping your hands clean. Warning: Do not wash your gloves; doing so would remove the treatment product.

Anti-tarsnish protective lotion

This lotion cleans, polishes, and shines with disconcerting ease. Its fluid texture makes it easier to apply, especially to pieces with complicated shapes and hard-to-reach spots. Use with a slightly damp sponge.

Polishing Cloth

The everyday ally of all your silver pieces that is easy to use frequently. You should always have one on hand. Note: A polishing cloth should not be washed, as that would cause it to lose all its power.

Silver-Flash Anti-tarnish solution

This solution is perfect for immediately restoring the shine to your cutlery, link jewelry or with decorated surfaces… However, you must be vigilant with jewelry clasps: they often have a steel part that could be damaged by the product!


This depends on the size of your service. There are cases for 6 or 12 pieces, large storage chests for sets with more pieces (up to 144 pieces), or small wooden drawer storage inserts with an anti-tarnish lining for a limited number of pieces.




Unlike oxidation, the patina on silver cutlery is a natural phenomenon that develops with regular use. Every scratch, every mark tells a story, giving a unique soul to each piece of cutlery. 


The natural patina also reduces the need for frequent maintenance. By using your silver cutlery regularly, you will develop its character and also add authentic beauty to every meal.


Christofle celebrates this patina, recognising that it adds aesthetic and historical value to each piece.

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