Wedding Dinner Recipe
Apr 5, 2023

Most important is obviously the guest list! Have your most cherished friends and family members to share this day with you.

Then, the wedding dinner marked with key moments, becomes even more special when the table is set with Christofle.

Wedding dinner recipeWedding dinner recipe

Step 1 - Set a Special Table

On each table, a iconic UNI Vintage Silvered Oval Plate is placed. Adorned with peonies, its shine contrats with the powder pink of flowers.


In the center of the room, newleywed’s table, sets the tone for the dinner. It is the bride who, with her first bite, will launch the beginning of the meal. The Vertigo Centerpiece will bring a generous and modern touch to your table.


To highlight this great moment, the Malmaison service has been selected. Made of solid silver, it takes its name from the castle that was the love nest of Napoleon and Empress Josephine.


The wine bottles are placed in the Graphik bottle rest, whose modern design is inspired by the traditional pattern of the French master glassmakers. For those that want something a bit more bubbly, the Thom Browne Champangne bucket keeps the refreshments cold. The two collections combined create a moment that is both refined and modern. 

Wedding dinner recipeWedding dinner recipe

Step 2 - Choose the right cutlery

One of the most memorable moments of the evening are the toasts.


The new couple will take a beautiful solid silver Albi fish knife to clink their glass and thank their guests.


In turn, the Sterling Silver Marly flatware will enhance your meal with its elegant handle decorated with an alcanthus leaf. Very much used in the Louis XV Rocaille style, the alcanthus leaf is often represented asymmetrically to give an impression of movement, a true ode to nature.

More symmetrical, the Malmaison flatware and its inimitable style will bring a sophisticated touch to your setting.


For a more refined decoration, the Infini Christofle flatware will enchant your dinner. Like an extension of the hand, they offer new sensations. 


Then, it will be the turn of the Best Man and Maid of Honor to deliver their words hubbub of the middle of the dinner using their Perles dessert knife to command the crowd. The shine of the silver accentuates a brilliant speech.

Wedding dinner recipeWedding dinner recipe

Step 3 - Cut the cake

The origin of the pièce montée goes back to ancient times, when it was customary for wedding guests to break off pieces of a large loaf of bread on the heads of the bride and groom.


Later, in the Middle Ages, this tradition evolved into the use of small loaves of bread, the ancestor of the current pièce montée. Your wedding cake will make its entrance on the round silver plated Malmaison Tray.


Traditionally, it is the newlyweds who serve the first plate of the dessert. The Mood silver plated cake server is the perfect choice. You could then serve your cake in a Malmaison dessert plate gold finish. The photographer will capture the moment.


Make way for the champagne! Iriana crystal flutes will be distributed. The gaiety will electrify guests. Everyone will dance until the end of the night. 

Wedding dinner recipeWedding dinner recipe



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