Vintage Silvered Sitting Baby Scottisch Terrier
Lumière d'Argent

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Silvered Vintage Sitting Baby Scottisch Terrier, Lumière d'Argent. Lumière d'argent Collection, about 36 pieces created by Christofle between 1987 and 1994 in its factory in Saint-Denis. The different animals are decorated with onyx eyes. These pieces were made in Christofle's workshops using a very specific technique: one part was made in cast metal, while the elements were first worked and detailed in plate form like a pattern, then shaped to combine with each other to create the chosen animal. This technique explains the variety of attitudes, the increased precision of details. The different renderings of the lightly incised surfaces are reminiscent of Christofle's first jewelry pieces, which used a metallic fabric technique, similar to filigree, for which he filed a patent in 1837.

Christofle Vintage Collection pieces are second-hand pieces selected and authenticated by Christofle. They are pieces in good condition and restored in our workshops in Yainville (Normandy)..More information


  • SKU : V04258160
  • Reference : 0425816W
  • Material : Silvered Product
  • Collection : Lumière d'Argent
  • Length : 1.8 in
  • Height : 1.8 in

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