Holiday Aperitif


Would you like an aperitif or an exceptional dinner aperitif? Christofle offers you a wide range of mixology and barware accessories: a silver cocktail shaker, jigger blender, whisky glasses, martini glasses and more. Don't forget the essentials for your champagne toast including champagne buckets and flutes !

Holiday AperitifHoliday Aperitif
Holiday AperitifHoliday Aperitif
Holiday AperitifHoliday Aperitif

1 - Prepare your cocktails

Every good cocktail needs the right mixology equipment and cocktail accessories.

Whether it is the essential shaker, the bottle opener or the cocktail spoons, discover the Christofle selection for your Christmas aperitifs.

3 - Keep your bottle cool

The best way to cool a bottle of champagne is with a cooling bucket, also called a champagne bucket.

It is also sometimes used to maintain the temperature of white wines.

The ice bucket will elegantly hold the indispensable ice cubes of your cocktails and aperitifs. 

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The champagne toasts is an undisputed moment of exceptional festivities all over the world. To make the most of its sparkle, it is an entire ceremony that must be done properly.
First, keep it chilled in a bucket worthy of the divine nectar by choosing one of our silver champagne bucket.

Christofle offers you a wide range of all styles, from the classic to modern.

Then comes the lingering question, flute or champagne cup? Highly prized in the past, the champagne cup contains a large surface area allowing air in and the bubbles escape rapidly altering the taste. A crystal champagne flute with its narrow opening guarantees a better effervescence and therefore a better tasting experience.


Purists will choose tranpsarent flutes to better observe the finess of the bubbles, but the current trend is for the colorful flutes. We offer red, blue, green or even black ones! There are so many possibilities to match them to the theme of your holiday festivities.