The Christofle Repair Workshop


For any repairs of your Christofle items, come to one of our stores to entrust our experts with your most valuable pieces. They will be just as important to them.



Maison Christofle has been dedicating all its efforts to fulfill customers' satisfaction for almost 200 years. Whether it is a question of getting information about our activities, our history or our products, our customer service is available. We are also at your disposal for any complaint or trouble you could encounter about delivery.


Despite the extreme demands of our quality controls, it may happen that an item ordered on our website reaches you damaged or in a state that you consider inadequate. In such a case, we obviously apply to all our products the applicable legal guarantee of conformity which is 2 years under normal maintenance conditions.


Consequently, if after expert assessment it turns out that the conditions of use and maintenance have been respected and that the defect observed is not the result of an impact or improper use, we guarantee that the charge for the exchange or repair of the product up to 2 years after the date of purchase.



Maison Christofle also offers several types of restorations including brightening, polishing, re-silvering, sharpening or even changing the blade after a feasibility study. For more information, we invite you to bring the parts that you would like to have restored to a Christofle boutique or to an authorized reseller who will carry out a free initial diagnosis.


Depending on this, your item will be sent to our workshops for further expertise by our quality and after-sales service. If the product is repairable, we will offer you a restoration quote. After your agreement, we will proceed to the restoration of your product to then recover in the shop.


Please note that the average repair time is 9 weeks from receipt by our workshops.


You can find the list of our stores and our authorized retailers at the bottom of most pages of our site or by clicking here.

Further Product Care Tips And Advice

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If you reserve your silver pieces for special occasions only, make sure to follow our tips to ensure their long lasting shine.

Specific Treatments

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