From beautiful porcelain to eye catching centerpieces, master the art of creating unforgettable tablescapes that translates to the Art of Sharing.


Uncover the tabletop essentials for a table that will make a lasting impression for years to come.


  • Rectangular tray with handles 53x42cm Vertigo  Silver plated

    Extra Large Silver-Plated Tray

  • 3-tier pastry stand  Vertigo  Silver plated 3-Tier Silver-Plated Pastry Stand


    3-Tier Silver-Plated Pastry Stand

  • Cup and saucer Malmaison  Porcelain


    Gilded Porcelain Demitasse Cup and Saucer

  • Cup Meteores  Stainless steel


    Stainless Steel Bowl/Tray

    Regular Price Regular Price $300 Price Special Price $210
  • Round tray 39 cm Vertigo  Silver plated Silver-Plated Round Serving Tray, Large


    Silver-Plated Round Serving Tray, Large

  • Tray 43x32 cm Anemone  Silver plated Large Silver-Plated Rectangular Tray


    Large Silver-Plated Rectangular Tray


The Collections

MOOD By Christofle

MOOD By Christofle was introduced in 2015 and shakes up traditional table codes. It is an original concept that perfectly aligns with the current zeitgeist. MOOD’s infamous egg-shaped capsule houses flatware sets for different meals and moments.

Mood Nomade: A full range of tableware for your outdoor moments including a day on the yacht or glamping.


Designed by Andrée Putman in 2000, Vertigo brilliantly illustrates the design concept of Putnam by combining simplicity and purity with functionality. The collection is characterized by a ring emblem with a sensual and deliberately asymmetrical design that integrated onto each piece.


Malmaison is the ultimate Empire provincal collection. It is named after the castle which was a favorite vacation spot for Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte and Empress Josephine. Its adornment entails illustrations of water leaves and lotus flowers. The symmetrical structure of the decor is typical of the Empire style.

Silver Time

To add to the chic and relaxing ambiance of brunch, Jean-Marie Massaud created 19 pieces meant to transform brunch into a “Silver Moment”.

Madison 6

The Madison 6 collection brilliantly exhibits the hexagon insignia, an iconic geometric motif of the Maison since its founding. The collection has a chameleon like quality with an ability to come in several materials including crystal, porcelain, and silver. 

Jardin d'Eden

The Jardin d´Eden collection was created in 2010 by Marcel Wanders. It broe away from the Maison’s normal design codes and instantly became a highly coveted flatware collection that has extended to other universes over the years. Jardin d’Eden is french for ʺGarden of Edenʺ and was inspired by the biblical story. 


Uni is undoubtedly the most modest collection of the Maison. Most of Uni can be personalized with engravings and is available in many universes.