Jardin d'Eden
Mar 21, 2020
Collection Jardin d'EdenCollection Jardin d'Eden


The Jardin d´Eden cutlery collection was created in 2010 by Marcel Wanders studio, a great name in contemporary design. Baroque at will, the exuberance of its decor breaks with the characteristic refinement of the house. Available in silver metal, partial or total gilding, in solid silver, partial gilding, or vermeil, the arabesques of these luxuriant pieces harmonize with porcelain and gold pieces from the same collection.


Marcel Wanders studio

Without drawing a line on the sketch that marks his aesthetic, Christofle had entrusted the design of this collection to Marcel Wanders studio, known for his extravagant and dreamlike creations. Thanks to his emblematic Knotted Chair, created for the Droog Design collective in 1996, Marcel Wanders studio has forged an international reputation.


The delicacy of the finely engraved decor of this collection makes Garden of Eden pieces decorative objects of exceptional refinement. The decor incorporates the stylistic codes of the collection.