September Inspiration
Jul 20, 2022

A table set with refinement is the centerpiece of a successful reception. Christofle will help you create your own exceptional table

Discover the art of sharing through indoor entertaining and gatherings.


 A finely decorated porcelain to underline the delicacy of your dishes.


Start your meal by presenting to your guests a refreshing salad, in one of the beautiful salad bowls Christofle offers. Then, Malmaison Collection will be perfect to present your delicious meals with elegance on its gold finished dinner plates.


What about finishing with a sweet pastry on the Madison 6 dessert plate ?


Malmaison PorcelainMalmaison Porcelain
Trays and Service PiecesTrays and Service Pieces

Trays and Serving Pieces

A silver plated tray is always a good idea to present your food with elegance. You can accompany it with silver plated serving pieces.


With two handles, the Malmaison silver plated oval tray is ideal for beverage service or tray-passed appetizers at an event.


You could also choose the Vertigo large silver plated round tray to serve your fish, and use the Jardin d’Eden silver plated fish knife with a fish fork to easily separate meat from fish bones to serve it.



Timeless cutlery whether classic or modern sets the perfect harmony for your table


For a traditional dinner, opt for the dining essentals with the 5-piece stainless steel set of cutlery L'ame de Christofle You can also break the rules and choose the new collection of essential cutlery, Infini Christofle


Designed for casual moments, MOOD Easy will allow you to experience a wide variety of from sweet desserts to salty appetizers.


Christofle CutleryChristofle Cutlery
Christofle CandelabrasChristofle Candelabras


A candelabra to illuminate with brightness your moments of happiness. 


Whether they are called candelabra, candlestick or candlestick holder, they illuminate with a warm and elegant halo and decorate your tables with a thousand lights


Jardin, Malmaison, vertigo decorate your table with grace.


Napkin Rings

Engraved napkin rings for each of your guests to find their seat.


In sterling silver or silver plated, a Perles napkin rings will enhance your table with elegance. With your seating plan, surprise your guests by engraving there napkin rings with their name on it.


The Nathalie silver plated napkin ring, features two pairs of clean, classic parallel lines that circle the circumferences of the top and bottom edges of the ring.


Christofle Napkin RingChristofle Napkin Ring
Aperitif AccessoriesAperitif Accessories

Crystal Glasses

Crystal glass occupies a central place on the table. Translucent or colored, wine or water glass, it imposes its presence and is part of this millennial art dear to the house of Christofle.


For a colorfully designed table, Kawali Wine glasses exist in Green and Blue.


Iriana Collection offers various glasses that fits with all your meals.
You can opt for Champagne Flute glasses, Wine glasses, Water glasses or even old fashioned glasses.


Outdoor dining

Whether you are enjoying summer time by having an aperitif, a picnic in the park or hosting a cocktail reception, Christofle provides will take your outdoor dining to the next level.

Bar Essentials

Glassware, Mixology and Aperitif Acessories, Ice and Champagne Buckets, are all essientials for an at home bar. Christofle has everything you need to craft the perfect drink.