My Summer Outdoor Table by Diana Yen

Diana Yen

Diana Yen is a food consultant living in Ojai, California.


She is a food stylist, photographer,
and recipe writer. She visits the farmers market weekly and lets local and seasonal produce
guide her cooking.


She also tries to keep the settings
feeling casual and minimal to showcase the meals and create an inviting atmosphere for the guests.


Discover Diana's exquisite beach table created for Christofle.

Pulling up a blanket and setting up a feast right on the sand is the best sunset meal you will ever have. There is no better ocean view! I usually keep it simple with a cheese platter, fruit, and a chilled bottle of rosé wine. Taking dips in the ocean, snacking, and naps under a big umbrella is my idea of paradise.
Diana Yen

An unfogettable moment of sharing

Designed for informal dining moments, MOOD Party by Christofle is a cutlety setfor 6 people for life's sweet & savory moments. With its avant-garde vision of convenience and comfort, MOOD Party invites itself to any table.

Silver-Plated 24-Piece Flatware Set with Chest

Mood Party

24-Piece Silver-Plated Flatware Set with Chest

Diana yen
My favorite Christofle Collection is L’Ame de Christofle flatware collection because it’s modern with elegant curves, and since it’s stainless steel it is very easy to care for. It’s perfect for everyday use to dress up a casual meal.
Diana Yen



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