My Summer Outdoor Table by Alex on the Road

Alex @a_ontheroad


After living in Paris, Beijing, New York and now London, Alex, a passionate content creator and foodie enthusiast, has turned his love for traveling into a real-life ethos. He has been documenting his adventures around the world since 2016.


Always ready to jump on the next train or booking his next table, Alex is also the founder of London based stationery brand Paper and Cities, launched in 2019.



Christofle is all about traditional French elegance for me, but with a twist that makes it truly unique. It represents the quintessence of the French Art de Vivre that we, as French, all feel connected to. It’s about beautiful pieces with a soul that really make a table stand out.
Alex @a_ontheroad

Jardin d'Eden Dessert Stand

Bring the outdoors in and set an elegant table with the silver plated baroque two-tier dessert stand. Perfect for serving cupcakes, breakfast pastries, mini desserts or small sandwiches at teatime.

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Jardin d'Eden

2-Tier Silver-Plated Dessert Stand




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AlexOnThe Road
It’s almost impossible to choose my favorite Christofle piece. But I must say that I have a special thing for everything from the Marly Collection. I absolutely love the delicate lines and simple yet elegant details of the Marly cutlery range.
Alex @a_ontheroad
I wanted to recreate the perfect summer afternoon, a moment that could almost be lost in time and that we would want to remember forever. An English garden, a glass or two of a fine fresh rosé, delicious choux and macarons, all perfectly paired with some of Christofle’s most beautiful pieces.
Alex @a_ontheroad

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