Mar 12, 2020


The collection

The Fidelio cutlery collection is a redesign of one of the very first collections from the 19th century known as the "baguette" collection. It was named after Beethoven’s only opera which expresses the tenderness of a love story.
Fidelio flatware
Graceful curves

Fidelio entails graceful and round curves, slightly raised with a fine rib. It is an ode to sensuality and simplicity. In addition to individual fltaware, Fidelio includes a 139-piece set with all the dining essentials, including serving ware, for your larger gatherings.

Fidelio tableware

The collection extends to tableware with bread plates, trays, cheese plate, and more.

Fun and stylish

Cherish the most precious of memories with the sterling silver picture frame in available in varying sizes. The Fidelio collection goes well together with fun and stylish porcelains such as floral prints and ecclectic designs.