My Christofle Table by Cake Boy Paris

My Christofle Table By...

Cake Boy

Frank Adrian Barron started his baking adventure in 2012 after moving to Paris from San Francisco. Living in France, a country celebrated for its pastry prowess, certainly has its perks. Think Mille-feuilles and Mont Blanc. Surprisingly, finding a simple cake covered in buttercream proved to be difficult. So, he started baking them himself! 

He hosted countless afternoon cake tastings for his friends to try new recipes and soon received special requests for his buttercream creations. And voilà! He quickly earned the nickname "cakeboy".  Adrian does all of his baking in the Marais and his cakes occasionally pop up in a few select Paris cafés. 

On the table

Pelle Malmaison - Cake Boy


Cake Server Malmaison  Silver plated


Silver-Plated Cake Server



As part of our collaboration with several friends of the House who share their vision of a Christofle table, take part in our competition for a chance to win one of our iconic products, the MOOD Coffee Set, 6 silver-plated espresso spoons accompanied by a mirror-polished steel case.

Cake Boy / Malmaison
My favorite piece at Christofle? The Malmaison silver coffee pot !
Cake Boy


A sharing moment?

The Goûter.

A special or festive occasion?

The Holi Festival in India for the vibrant colors and exuberance.

A childhood dish?

Butterscotch Sundae.

A recipe prepared in 5 minutes?

La crème fouettée.

A fruit?

Mangosteen as it reminds me of my favorite island in the world, Bali.

A vegetable?

Échalote for its many layers.

A kitchen utensil?

A whisk. It is very essential for baking!

A verb?

“Flâner”, because I love to wander around Paris

A dessert?

The Gâteaux Opera because I love the combination of coffee and chocolate.

A local or regional dish?           

Gratin Dauphinois from the Dauphiné region of France.

A work of art?

A painting hanging in the Richelieu wing of the Louvre.

A daily ecological gesture?

Riding a bike instead of driving.

A restaurant?

A beach-side restaurant in the Maldives so I can watch the sunset every day

A Chef who inspires you?

Pierre Hermé

A wine?

A rosé from Provence.

A soft drink?

Ginger Ale.

A cooking style?

The Haute Cuisine.

A culinary innovation?

Fusion Baking.

A famous look-a-like?

Paul Rudd.

A hashtag?


A way of saying goodbye?

An American hug.