Hawk's head Silver plated with hood - Haute Orfèvrerie

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A bird of prey with extremely sharp eyesight, the hawk has always been used for falconry (hunting on the wing), an art that requires long and meticulous training. Christofle has chosen to create a silver-plated sculpture, representing the head of a hawk. Care has been taken to render the bird's feathers, making them incredibly realistic. Its black lacquered eyes emphasize the piercing sight of the animal. ​
A second version of the hawk, represented with its hood, is also proposed by the goldsmith. The hood, traditionally a leather cap that covers the eyes of the hawk so that it remains calm and undisturbed by its surroundings, was made of silver-plate, gilded with 24 carat gold.​
The sense of detail brought by the Master Goldsmiths makes these pieces exceptional sculptures.


  • SKU : B03500023
  • Reference : 03500023
  • Collection : Faucon
  • Length : 12 cm
  • Width : 12 cm
  • Height : 20 cm

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