Celebrate Valentine's day
Jan 18, 2021
Valentine's Day - gifts for her & for him Valentine's Day - gifts for her & for him

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What's more important than showing love and appreciation towards your loved one? Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion to remind that special someone how much they mean to you.

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A Moment For Two

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What's better than receiving or gifting a loved one with something for the home you share? 
Gifting home decor is a great way to remind them of your love every day!



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Valentine's Day, it's for love to be celebrated!

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When is Valentine’s Day?

As everyone knows, the date of Valentine's Day is February 14th. But why is this date traditionally considered as the lovers' day?


What is Valentine's Day?

Several versions of Valentine’s Day origins exist but the most accepted one dates back to the Middle Ages and is linked to the priest Valentinus. While the Roman Emperor Claudius II had forbidden marriages - to encourage soldiers to go to war in greater numbers - Valentinus would have continued to marry lovers in secret. Imprisoned and then executed for disobedience, he was finally canonized St. Valentine, patron saint of lovers. The celebration of Valentine's Day is therefore a custom that has existed since the Middle Ages.


Valentine’s Day around the world

It was the English who were the first to exchange “valentines" or Valentine's Day cards from the 14th century onwards, a tradition that persists today and has gradually become associated with gifts. In the United States, it is now customary to offer them to all loved ones, in the broadest sense of the term, such as friends for example. Jewelry, flowers, and chocolates of course, but also, as the years go by, more and more original gifts, the idea remaining the same: to please those we love!


What to write in a Valentine's Day card?

To celebrate the lovers' day with dignity it is obviously recommended to write a personal message. You can write a mix of serious, sincere, and funny messages, for example recalling the good times you have had together. If you're married to your Valentine, you can count down all the valentines you've shared together...Whatever you say, use words that resonate with you. If you are sincere and you are yourself, your card will be as meaningful as you want it to be.


Valentine's Day

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