Tablecloth by Sarah Espeute for Christofle

To celebrate the launch of the Infini Christofle flatware, the French designer Sarah Espeute created a hand-embroidered tablecloth, in trompe l’oeil. This trick of the eye brings to life a vibrant and modern table.

This exceptional creation is a limited edition of just 16 pieces.

Tablecloth by Sarah Espeute - Infini ChristofleTablecloth by Sarah Espeute - Infini Christofle

Sarah designed a table that breaks the rules of classic tableware. With a disorderly arrangement of the dishes, the plates and glasses are offset to evoke a lively and festive celebration. The contrast of black and white is both convivial and refined.


Fabric is made up of 55% linen and 45% cotton blend

Color: pure white

"Exclusive design"


Each tablecloth features an embroidered signature by Sarah Espeute for Christofle.


"Limited edition"


Each signature and tablecloth are unique and comes with a stamped and dated certificate of authenticity.


"Handmade "


Handmade embroidery in Marseille, France. Black cotton thread on a white French fabric.


There is a shift, happening in tableware which is leading to the invention of a new French table!
Sarah Espeute

A minimalist wrapping

Packaging - Sarah Espeute for ChristoflePackaging - Sarah Espeute for Christofle
Packaging - Sarah Espeute for ChristoflePackaging - Sarah Espeute for Christofle

The packaging is minimal, in line with the designer's sustainable standards: the tablecloth is folded and tied with natural string.

The Certificate of Authenticity is signed and dated by Sarah Espeute.



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