Collection RivageCollection Rivage


Designed for Christofle by French jewelry designer Delphine Nardin, this collection gives life to the rigidity of metal by the undulation of curves that move apart and get closer, evoking the water of rivers and seashores. Let yourself be carried away by the aquatic fluidity of an inspired collection.




The Rivage collection gives life to the metal's rigidity through the ebb and flow of undulating curves. Each piece suggests the fluidity of a wave with flat, irregular crests, beveled on one side so as to give resonance to the silver.




The erosion seems to have sculpted the purity of the lines, to better capture by this relief the bursts of light. Rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings wave with seduction. Hard to resist the call of the sirens.


Rivage CollectionRivage Collection


Rivage CollectionRivage Collection