Zheng Lu
Nov 27, 2023

Zheng Lu seamlessly blends exquisite craftsmanship, technical finesse, and conceptual depth in his creations. Being born into a literary family, his journey began with words and calligraphic strokes that carry the weight of history and culture


In the world of contemporary sculpture, the name Zheng Lu resonates as a true visionary
Zheng LuZheng Lu
Xingyun The Flowing DragonXingyun The Flowing Dragon

His work

The significant subject that flows through many of his oeuvres: the enigmatic allure of water. With masterful skill, he transforms solid materials into fluid shapes, as if capturing the very essence of water's untamed elegance.


Zheng Lu’s works can be found in prestigious private and museum collections and adorning public spaces around the world. In 2021 he designed the Jane Alexander Global Wildlife Ambassador Award presented to His Serene Highness Prince Albert II of Monaco.


Christofle and Zheng Lu,  joined forces to present an exceptional masterpiece of artisanal craftsmanship and cultural exchange. Emerging in an elegantly intricate silhouette of a flowing dragon, the artwork is a testament to the pursuit of perfection