My Festive Table by Zoé De Las Cases

My Festive Table By ...

Zoé de Las Cases

Zoé de Las Cases is a French Parisian decorator, graphic designer, stylist and illustrator. While being both multi-talented and creative, she decorates homes and writes books. Zoé shares her daily life in between Paris and Normandy as she likes the Parisian energy and the calm of the countryside, sees both as the perfect life balance for her.


As part of our collaboration with several friends of the Maison who share their vision of a Holiday table, take part in our competition for a chance to win a 24-piece silver-plated Albi flatware set that includes 6 dinner forks, 6 dinner knives, 6 table spoons, 6 tea spoons and a storage chest.

My inspiration for this table was the ambiance reminiscent of the night before Christmas. An unfinished house with the sounds of the winter wind and leaves outside as the inside is enveloped with the tunes of holiday music and dim lights. It mimics the magical dreaminess of Christmas Eve.
Zoé de Las Cases
Marly collection - Zoe de Las Cases
My favorite Christofle piece is the sterling silver Marly dessert spoon for enjoying the sweetness of a French pastry.
Zoé de Las Cases
Christofle for me, represents heritage French brands , with its rich history, generational relevancy, and style. It is the art of living as we like.
Zoé de Las Cases

My Festive Table By...

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