My Creative Table By

Spring is here which means even more reason to spend quality time with your family and friends. What better way to set the scene for spring festivities than with a colorful and lavish tablescape? 


Christofle is pleased to partner with creative friends of the Maison to bring you fresh ideas that will surprise and delight. From a luxurious floral table runner to a sun-soaked beach picnic, these DIY ideas are bursting with creativity and the spirit of sharing, which have always been at the heart of Christofle.


Discover the tablescapes imagined by these talented personalities and get your creativity flowing!

My creative table by Diana Yen

Diana is a food consultant, food stylist, photographer and recipe writer living in Ojai, California. She is guided by seasonal produce and by local food markets in her recipe creation. Discover the exquisite beach picnic recipe that Diana has created for Christofle.

My creative table by Madame de la Maison

Ajiri, an American living in Paris, has merged her New York fashion background and decorative arts studies to create Madame de la Maison. In this inspiring DIY, Ajiri shows us how to create a delightful, citrus-infused table runner.

My creative table by Lisa Gachet

Lisa is the founder and creative director of Make My Lemonade, a fashion brand distinguished by its colorful and joyful style. For Christofle, Lisa has created a detailed DIY that will add a splash of color to your table.

My creative table by Julien Sebbag

Julien fell in love with food and cuisine during an exchange study programme in London. Inspired by conceptual restaurants, Julien wants to bring the same gastronomic experience directly to your home. Discover exciting new recipe ideas that Julien has shared with us.

My creative table by The Pineapple Chef

Paris-based food stylist and photographer, Elisa Dumas, guides us though an easy to follow DIY for a lush floral table runner. Her creative table displays the exquisite beauty of nature.

My creative table by Elisa @etdieucrea

Elisa, mother of 3 and founder of the blog Et Dieu Créa is a craft and vintage enthusiast. Elisa draws inspiration from family moments and simple joys of daily life. Exclusively for Christofle, she shows us how to naturally dye a tablecloth.