Picture Frames Selection

Discover our selection of silver photo frames that will hold all your memories for a long time to come: drawings, colorings or poems will find their place alongside pictures of those precious moments...


A Picture is worth a thousand words

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      Silver-Plated 5,1x7,1" Picture frame

    • Products/5256060_STQ_p747jy Sterling Silver 7,1x9,4" Picture frame


      Sterling Silver 7,1x9,4" Picture frame

    • Products/4256091_STQ_lssgtl Medium Silver-Plated Picture Frame


      Medium Silver-Plated 4 x 6" Picture Frame

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      Best Seller

      Jardin d'Eden

      Silver-Plated 5.1 x 7.1" Picture Frame

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      Best Seller


      Silver-Plated 4 X 6" Picture Frame

Our Picture Frames Selection
A Picture is worth a thousand words, make this Spring Celebrations unforgettable with our beautiful frames. The best way to display precious photographs.

Personalize your special gift


Christofle is delighted to offer you the engraving of your choice 

on all personalized products until June 20th 2021


Our Favorite Picture Frames

Jardin d'Eden
Simultaneously add a dash of elegance to décor and personalize a space by displaying a favorite moment in the silver plated photo frame.
The icnoic Malmaison plated photo frames are the ideal gift for Her, made to showcase the most precious pictures.
The most beautiful memories will be highlighted in the exceptional Perles picture frames with feminine lines.

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