Mar 8, 2020

Kawali Collection

Created by the Christofle studio, the Kawali champagne tumblers and champagne flutes collection brings its colorful and festive opulence to the table.
Decorative pattern

Overlaying two layers of crystal, one colorful and the other transparent, the collection is entirely handmade. The carvings made on the outside allow the transparent inside to appear, thus creating the decorative pattern. All in curves, the motif evokes a Baroque opulence. It imitates the shape of a bubble which is reproduced according to sophisticated alignments of matter and transparency.

Variation of colors

The collection includes eight crystal colors available on wine glasses, water glasses and flutes. In particular, it offers a box of six champagne flutes that elegantly mix six colors - violet, red, anise green, amber, gray and blue - for a harmonious harmony. The collection of Kawali crystal glasses invites color to the table for festive and joyful moments.