Feb 7, 2023
Concorde Variations CollectionsConcorde Variations Collections


Inspired by the oblong shape of the Place de la Concorde, located near Christofle's parisian flagship, the Concorde case presents a contemporary flatware set for six, designed for those who love conviviality and simplicity at the table.

Concorde Variations Concorde Variations


The Concorde case is now available in four metal finishes: Gold, Silver, Rose Gold, and Black. 





Another innovation allows you to now choose flatware from 5 Christofle Stainless Steel collections to house in your case: Osiris, Perles, l'Âme de Christofle, Albi and Origine.


Concorde Variations Stainless Steel

Discover the Concorde Variations case in stainless steel.


Concorde Variation Stainless SteelConcorde Variation Stainless Steel

Concorde Variations Black

Combining aesthetics and utility, the spirit of Concorde revolutionizes the tradition of table setting:

the case is placed on the table, and everyone serves themselves as they wish, according to their needs and without protocol.

An elegant alternative to the art of no longer setting the table!


Concorde Variations Rose Gold

With Concorde Variations, the Christofle silversmith house, founded in 1830, once again demonstrates its adaptability to the evolution of time and customs.


Concorde Variation CopperConcorde Variation Copper