Vintage Champagne Buckets Collection

Barware universe lover, give a second life to a champagne bucket and an ice bucket that will accompany you throughout your parties, to celebrate an event, share and live a magical moment.

Christofle VintageChristofle Vintage


Christofle VintageChristofle Vintage

Ondulations buckets were designed by Luc Lanel for Christofle in the 30's. These buckets are typical of the osmosis that took place in the 30's between the ceramic and goldsmith's creations of Christofle's artistic director. These buckets are among the most beautiful Art Deco achievements, combining simplicity, purity and flexibility of the patterns.

The Art-Deco years coincide perfectly with the period of the Roaring Twenties, Paris is in full effervescence and this type of bucket for the bar is clearly echoing this festive context. 

This type of barware product is democratized as well for the private individuals as in of the era's transatlantic ships or trains to offer a complete experience of the French art of living at home or when travelling.


The Torsades champagne bucket was created in 1981 by the Studio Christofle. This second hand champagne bucket shows great refinement. To the round foot with a shoulder, is attached a round flared body worked on the surface of flat twisted ribs. These ribs, cutting with the base, offer to the eye a lightness effect. In the light, the facettes give the impression of a piece in motion. This is Christofle's creative genius: create a large piece of goldsmithing while creating a design that makes the piece lighter.

Christofle VintageChristofle Vintage


Christofle VintageChristofle Vintage

The Folio champagne bucket was created in 1995 by Studio Christofle. This champagne bucket with a contemporary design uses strictly geometric shapes. The nets present on the body of the bucket are the only ornaments of this piece that we find in echo on the ears. Those ears are an exact replica of the body.


The Filets champagne bucket was created in the 50's. This barware with a very pure shape has for only ornaments a set of nets on its surface. This second hand bucket is characteristic of the 50's and their modernism. Indeed, this style originated with the Bauhaus movement which established the idea that beauty could be achieved through the process of mass production and the simplicity of forms: the international style then takes off. This bucket, reduced to the strict minimum of its shape, reflects Christofle's preoccupation with this modern movement and its application to tableware.

Christofle VintageChristofle Vintage


Christofle VintageChristofle Vintage

The Sommelier champagne bucket was created by the Christofle Studio in 1982. The body of the bucket is flared and rests on a plain round base with shoulders. The base of the neck is highlighted by nets. A piece free of any ornament.



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