Mar 10, 2020

The collection

Aria was created in 1985 by designer, Bernard Yot. Aria adds a personal touch to any tablescape with its unique and discernible design. Aria derives its name from the piercing sumptuousness and purity of opera singers. It further echoes the grandeur of ancient Rome with motifs mirroring the columns of the ancient temples and airy, draped details of the nobelmen’s togas.
Aria flatware
Bring an air of enchantment and grandeur to your table.

Aria is available in 24-piece, 30-piece, and 48-piece silver flatware sets. Individual 5-piece place settings are also available. Many pieces are offered individually including cutlery for serving, main courses, tea and dessert. Available in silver-plated, sterling silver and custom gilding, Aria complements all styles of porcelain.