The different types of knives


Les couteaux ChristofleLes couteaux Christofle



Christofle knives, emblematic of the Maison but also an essential part of every meal, are tools that combine both aesthetics and functionality. Are you familiar with the different types of knife for each of your dishes? Discover the different types of knives designed to meet the specific needs of cooking enthusiasts and professional chefs.





The best-known of them all, and certainly the most widely used, are table knives and steak knives. Both offer a comfortable grip and precise cutting of most foods, the steak knife being all the more precise for cutting cooked meats.  


When it comes to choosing the right table knives, consider comfort in the hand and functionality. Opt for knives with sharp, durable blades, adapted to your everyday needs.


Table knives are essential for cutting and preparing food with precision, making the culinary experience more enjoyable and making meals easier to eat.


Couteau de table | ChristolfeCouteau de table | Christolfe

Couteau à steak/table ChristofleCouteau à steak/table Christofle
Couteau à découper ChristofleCouteau à découper Christofle

Le couteau à découper pour quel usage ?


Le couteau à découper est certainement le plus grand de la gamme de couteaux Christofle. On l'utilise surtout pour découper les viandes, les poissons avant de les servir aux invités. Ce couteau permet d'apporter une touche d'élégance à table au moment qui n'est, lui, peut être pas le plus élégant...


Différents types de couteaux de sont adaptés à des usages spécifiques. Par exemple, un couteau de chef est polyvalent pour couper, hacher et trancher, tandis qu'un couteau à éplucher est idéal pour les tâches plus délicates.


Couteau à découper ChristofleCouteau à découper Christofle
Couteau à découper ChristofleCouteau à découper Christofle



The carving knife is certainly the largest in the Christofle range of knives. It is mainly used for carving meat and fish before serving to guests. This knife brings a touch of elegance to the table at a time when it may not be the most elegant...


Different types of knife are suited to specific uses. For example, a chef's knife is versatile for chopping, mincing and slicing, while a paring knife is ideal for more delicate tasks.


Couteau à poisson ChristofleCouteau à poisson Christofle

Quel couteau pour le poisson ?


 Avec sa lame fine et son manche élégant, il est l'accessoire idéal pour couper et servir des filets de poisson frais. Ce couteau à la forme si particulière et dinstinctive lui permet de déguster aisément et agréablement de jolis filets de poissons.


Dans la collection Infini Christofle, le couteau pelle à poisson est en métal argenté et possède une finition polie miroir. Il assure une bonne prise en main et un bon équilibre grace à ses lignes fluides et arrondies.  Avec sa nouvelle taille adaptée, il combine le couteau à poison et la cuillère à sauce.  


Un couteau à poisson, souvent doté d'une lame longue et fine, est spécialement conçu pour découper le poisson avec précision, en minimisant les déchirures et les déchets.


La forme allongée et étroite du couteau à poisson permet une découpe précise le long de la colonne vertébrale du poisson, assurant des tranches nettes et régulières.


Couteau à poisson ChristofleCouteau à poisson Christofle



 With its fine blade and elegant handle, it's the ideal accessory for cutting and serving fresh fish fillets. The knife's distinctive, dinstinctive shape makes it easy to enjoy beautiful fish fillets.


In the Infini Christofle collection, the fish scoop knife is made from silver-coloured metal with a mirror-polished finish. Its fluid, rounded lines ensure a good grip and balance.  With its new adapted size, it combines the poison knife and the sauce spoon.  


A fish knife, often with a long, thin blade, is specially designed to cut fish with precision, minimising tears and waste.


The elongated, narrow shape of the fish knife allows precise cutting along the spine of the fish, ensuring clean, even slices.


Couteau à poisson ChristofleCouteau à poisson Christofle



The fish serving knife, when combined with the fish fork, is ideal for finely removing the flesh from the bones and serving it. Whether added or not, it will serve all types of fish elegantly, allowing you to shine in front of your guests.





When eating cheese, it's best to use a specially designed cheese knife, often with a serrated or pointed blade to easily cut different textures of cheese. To use a cheese knife, hold it firmly and cut the cheese with even strokes, adjusting the pressure according to the texture of the cheese for uniform slices.


What could be more elegant than a pretty cheese knife to serve your guests? Christofle offers a wide range of cheese knives, each more stylish than the last, in steel, silver-plated metal or solid silver.


Couteau à beurre ChristofleCouteau à beurre Christofle



To use a butter knife, take a small amount of butter with the blade and spread it over the bread or other food, using gentle, even strokes to distribute it evenly.


An elegant and practical table accessory, the butter knife is a friend for breakfast and brunch. Whether you're spreading butter on fresh bread or spreading fresh cheeses, spreads or even jams, our butter knives are the detail that will make all the difference at the table.





The dessert knife, also known as the starter knife, is ideal for savouring pastries and cakes. A true ally of gourmets, it is placed either to the right of the plate or on top of it. Use it with a pretty dessert or cake fork and a dessert spoon, and your guests will be delighted!


A cake knife, also known as a serrated knife, is ideal for cutting cakes into neat slices without crushing the layers.


A lathe knife is a knife specially designed for cutting pies or multi-layered cakes, allowing precise cutting without mixing the different fillings.


Couteau à dessert ChristofleCouteau à dessert Christofle



You can now set your tables in style. Find a summary of the guide here.


The table knife is essential for preparing your dishes with precision.


The carving knife, on the other hand, is more regularly used for cutting meat or fish.


The fish knife is reserved for cutting up fish, producing fine, clean slices.


The cheese knife is ideal for cutting different textures of cheese.


The butter knife is perfect for spreading butter evenly on toast.


The dessert knife is an elegant accompaniment to the end of your meal and is ideal for pastries and cakes.