1. Babylone - NEW

    The name is a myth: that of the world's most beautiful hanging gardens. In Paris, the Rue de Babylone embodies the very essence of a certain art de vivre, the one favored by designer Mademoiselle Aurélie Bidermann, with whom Christofle is writing a new chapter in tableware, decorative pieces and jewelry.

  2. Rêve Cosmique - NEW

    For the 2023 edition of holiday ornaments, the Christofle Studio has chosen the theme of the stars. Both poetic and mysterious, they guide our daily lives and illuminate our nights. Through the Rêve Cosmique Collection, Christofle invites us to dream of a fabulous journey beyond the Earth. Sun, moon and constellations reveal their brightness through silver and gold. The collection included 9 references.

  3. Tourbillon - NEW

    World-renowned for its crystal ware, Christofle brings a new material to the Art of the Table with Tourbillon: pieces in blown glass, fruits of the collaboration with Alya Tannous. Discover this new collection's two candlesticks.

  4. Graphik

    Powerful lines, assertive modernity, the Graphik collection was created in 2015 by Christofle studio. The collection also offers jewelry: sharp, daring pieces with a masculine touch. Lastly, the collection launched 4 sizes of trays, perfect for all occasions.

  5. UNI

    Designed by the Christofle studio, UNI is one of the most sober collections in the Maison. Lending itself particularly to engraving, it is available in many universes.

    Discover the UNI tableware collection.

  6. Albi

    Albi is an ode to French elegance. Inspired by the pure and straight lines of the nave of the famous cathedral of the city of Albi, a masterpiece of southern art, this collection quickly became a classic of Christofle.

    Discover the Albi barwaretableware, and flatware collections.

  7. Bonbonnière

    Christofle is offering a re-edition of some of its most beautiful silver-plated trinket boxes from different styles and periods.

    Depending on taste, these eight precious boxes can become boxes for pastilles and small sweets, pillboxes, small jewellery boxes for rings or chains, cases for collecting the first milk teeth, secrets, souvenirs or small treasures.

    Discover Bonbonnieres collection.

  8. Perles

    Perles is part of the historical collections of Christofle. It gracefully takes up one of the ornaments typical of the Louis XVI style: a delicate alignment of pearls in semi-relief which hems around the periphery of each piece as if it were a necklace.

    Discover the Perles children, and flatware collections.

  9. Iconik

  10. Vertigo

    Designed by Andrée Putman in 2002, "Vertigo" brilliantly illustrates the design concept of its creator: combining a simple and pure aesthetic with the functional function of objects.

    Discover the Vertigo barware and tableware collections.

  11. Sève d'Argent

    Christofle has imagined a collection that plays with lights and waterways like a walk in the forest: Sève d'Argent. The company has designed its end-of-year collection of Christmas ornaments, on this vegetal theme. It also declines it in the universe of the decoration, by reinventing the Surtout

  12. Gallia

    Gallia was born with the 20th century, at the time of the 1900 world’s fair held in Paris to celebrate the achievements of the past century and to accelerate development into the next.​ The collection takes its name from a combination of metals that marked its era. Gallia, whose hallmark and symbol is the rooster, honours France and French innovation. In 2022, Christofle launches the reedition of 16 iconic pieces​ highlighting elements of faune and flora.

  13. Jardin d'Eden

    The Jardin d´Eden cutlery collection was created in 2010 by Marcel Wanders studio, a great name in contemporary design. Baroque at will, the exuberance of its decor breaks with the characteristic refinement of the house. Available in silver metal partial or total gilding, solid silver partial gilding or vermeil, the arabesques of these luxuriant pieces harmonize with porcelain and goldsmith's pieces from the same collection.

    Discover the Jardin d'Eden tableware, flatware, and jewelry & accessories collections.

  14. Graffiti

    With its poetic and offbeat graphics, each object in the Graffiti collection upsets the traditional image of classic goldsmithing while carrying a message, in the form of graffiti.

  15. Madison 6

    Designed by the Christofle studio, the MADISON 6 collection brilliantly declines the hexagon motif, an iconic geometric motif for the Maison since it is the shape of its hallmark. The motif is taken up in various ways depending on the universe and the materials: like the honeycomb, border, or main motif.

    Discover the MADISON 6 tableware and jewelry & accessories collections.

  16. Arborescence

    Real interior sculptures, the decorative objects in the Arborescence collection succeed in the bold gamble of associating the characteristic purity of Christofle with the abstract evocation of plants. Designed by designer Ora-Ïto, this collection brings a fresh look to functional objects and questions their integration into our contemporary universe.

  17. Malmaison

    The Malmaison Collection offers beautiful silver-plated trays and candelabras that will brighten up your home.

    Malmaison also offers flatware, tableware and bar accessories.