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The Art of Living is indeed an Art. Inventing a universe, taking pleasure in decorating a house, setting a table, sharing the good and the beautiful, cultivating the happiness of each moment. Since 1830, Christofle has been creating with elegance and know-how, an exceptional table art, refined jewelry and home accessories.


Maison Christofle entirely uses handmade manufacturing. The precious trades of spinning, embossing, carving, engraving, perpetuated by its craftsmen immortalize the qualities of elegance and excellence. It is this irreplaceable know-how perpetuated by highly qualified craftsmen transmitted from teacher to student that constitutes the living heritage of Christofle. True "Living Treasures", the Master Goldsmiths are the guardians of the sustainability and quality of Christofle know-how.


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Christofle, a collection of hallmarks

Until the 18th century, the goldsmith's work was made only of precious metal, gold or silver. In order to guarantee the quality of the metal, and its good quality, namely its alloy, a system of punches is set up by the French State.


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Christofle remains faithful to the values which made its success and which are always in resonance with the time.

The art of goldsmithing

Goldsmithing designates both a profession, practiced since ancient times, and all works made of precious metal, as well as silver and gold metals. Jewelry, medals and coins are no longer part of the jewelry.


A pioneer in the industrialization of one of the oldest crafts in the world, Maison Christofle has known, throughout its history, several manufacturing locations. Little stroll through the different addresses.


From the outset, the Maison founded by Charles Christofle in 1830 has been committed to attracting talent and collaborating with artists.
maison Christofle

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From the outset, the house founded by Charles Christofle in 1830 has been committed to attracting talent and collaborating with artists. For Christofle, goldsmithing and haute-silversmithing are trades that reflect the customs and customs of an era while at the same time they must be able to create timeless objects, likely to go down the centuries.

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